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John Lewis Partnership

Spaanda is assisting the John Lewis Partnership in its TCFD journey by providing expertise on scenario analysis and reporting in line with the TCFD recommendations.

We are conducting gap analysis of John Lewis’ current disclosures against the TCFD recommendations, with an aim to enhance future reporting.  We will also be developing scenario analysis models to quantify the key physical and transition climate risks facing its business.

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The Prince's Accounting for Sustainability Project (A4S)

The Prince's Accounting for Sustainability Project (A4S)

Spaanda is supporting The Prince’s Accounting for Sustainability Project (A4S) in its TCFD Project. 

We will be aiming to develop a series of TCFD reporting examples as well as understanding the role of the finance function in implementing the TCFD recommendations. 

The project is also geared towards helping finance teams navigate through scenario analysis.

Luxury Fashion Company

Spaanda is currently advising a luxury fashion company to assess the impact of climate change on its real estate portfolio.

We are also looking at the impacts of stringent climate policies and potential carbon pricing on the company’s operations.

Scenario analysis is being developed to analyse the risks and opportunities and to quantify their financial impacts.

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Specialist International Food Packing Business

Spaanda is partnering with a specialist international food packing business to conduct TCFD analysis on two of its key products. 

The aim of the study is to assess the impacts of transition to a low carbon economy. The analysis will also assess the opportunities available to lower the carbon footprint of these products across the supply chain by investing in more sustainable farming practices.

The Spaanda Advantage

We think from your perspective.


Integrating sustainability into a business is a journey in itself and it involves learning and continuous improvement. We help businesses adapt and build resilience wherever they are on this journey.

Tailor-made Solutions

The sustainability agenda and strategy differ across businesses. We understand and appreciate these differences and tailor our solutions to suit individual business needs. All our work is bespoke, and we partner with businesses to not only deliver the outcomes but also to share knowledge and expertise along the way.


We bring a wealth of experience having worked with big corporates as well as medium sized businesses. We understand the needs, requirements and limitations facing every business and leverage our experience in navigating the corporate structure.


We are a boutique consultancy firm, which means that as well as being nimble and adaptable, we are also able to save on the huge overheads incurred by big and established firms. Quality thus does not come at a higher cost and we are able to offer much better value.

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