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Businesses cannot achieve long-term profitability without building a sustainable and resilient model in today’s world. Sustainability has to be embedded in the core values and purpose of the business, rather than be treated as a separate agenda.


What We Do

It is often said that what is not measured is not managed.
We help businesses manage their climate risk exposure by providing support and expertise to identify, quantify and mitigate these risks in line with the TCFD framework.


Sustainability and TCFD Reporting

An effective and well-tailored sustainability disclosure and communications strategy is essential for businesses today. Openness and transparency in reporting help build trust and demonstrate a clear commitment to key stakeholders.

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Scenario Analysis for Physical and Transition Risks

Scenario analysis allows businesses shape their strategic thinking by assessing the potential implications of climate-related risks and opportunities. It also helps in informing stakeholders about how the organisation is positioning itself in response to these risks and opportunities.

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ESG Data Solutions and Insights

Data driven insights and automated project management tools are essential to deliver and monitor sustainability strategies. Our ESG data management solution helps to capture, manage and disclose data with ease, transparency and accuracy.

The Spaanda Advantage

We think from your perspective.


Integrating sustainability into a business is a journey in itself and it involves learning and continuous improvement. We help businesses adapt and build resilience wherever they are on this journey.

Tailor-made Solutions

The sustainability agenda and strategy differ across businesses. We understand and appreciate these differences and tailor our solutions to suit individual business needs. All our work is bespoke, and we partner with businesses to not only deliver the outcomes but also to share knowledge and expertise along the way.


We bring a wealth of experience having worked with big corporates as well as medium sized businesses. We understand the needs, requirements and limitations facing every business and leverage our experience in navigating the corporate structure.


We are a boutique consultancy firm, which means that as well as being nimble and adaptable, we are also able to save on the huge overheads incurred by big and established firms. Quality thus does not come at a higher cost and we are able to offer much better value.

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About Spaanda

Led By Industry Experts

Spaanda's Founder & CEO, Manjula has been working with various businesses, most recently as Head of Finance- Sustainability at Tesco. She has been the finance lead in establishing a reporting framework for Tesco’s sustainability strategy and is leading the implementation of the TCFD (Task Force on Climate-related Disclosures) guidelines.

Manjula was on the UN Global Compact’s Expert Group working on the Principles for Corporate Finance and Investments for contribution to the UN SDGs.

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